The Myth of the 5th Dimension
is to be unveiled soon.

Different planets are inhabited by different types of aliens with different histories, cultures, and technologies. However, they need a savior to defend them against danger. Can you Be Their True Hero?









5th Dimension’s Universe is endless. Choose your route.

The 5th Dimension is an interconnected metaverse where time and space are irrelevant. This metaverse is filled with action, adventure, and emotions. 5th Dimension features a realm of a different planet, and every planet have a different specialty and characteristics. The Metaverse story appears simple on the surface; however, it is quite the opposite, which is a fact users will discover as they advance through their journey.

Through the 5th Dimension, You will be able to explore the lives, environment, and cultures of the native of those planets. 5th Dimension also features 8888 NFTs known as Avatar. The users will be able to mint their Favorite Avatars as NFT, and after minting, they will be available for trading.

Digital How - Know?

Unique NFTs Like Never Before

For the first time in history, you can step into a new dimension of adventure and thrill by
embarking on a voyage with us to ten new planets.

Burrow/Chucky World

Meet a specie that looks like ordinary bunnies. However, they are not so ordinary. Equipped with strength and high war knowledge, they will be the most advanced warrior you will ever see.

Underwater World

On this planet, explore life underwater. Meet with Royal and experience their lifestyle. Also, Discover whether the natives are good and pure like water or if there is a different case.

CyberPunk Planet

Party all day and night, take part in auto street racing, live on the edge and establish meaningful friendships with the alienated Cyborgs that look most like humans with integrated technology.

Toxic planet

Not everything is black and white; there are some shady gray areas as well. On this planet, discover how a world deteriorates after a battle. Meet the creatures that resemble the Hollywood image of aliens and witness their anguish.

Elfian World

Getting entry into this planet is hard. Not everyone gets a free pass. Enjoy your time there till the Elves allow it, exude a new sense of peace, and view the most magnificent scenery that has ever existed.

Musical World

Music has the power to bring the soul to life, but can it come to life on its own? Meet the real, breathing musical notes and watch them express themselves to you just in the world of music.

Features 5th Dimension Offers

5th dimension – is an extraterrestrial metaverse with exciting features that will help you discover your unique identity and allow you to express yourself through avatars.

Staking Pool

The users can earn rewards and passive revenue by staking 5D tokens in the staking pool.

Community Token

5th Dimension Features its own unique token, known as 5D to enable in-app purchase and trading of NFTs.

Content Creation

5th Dimension allows users to create original content on different planets, which will be theirs only.

Community Wallet

The platform features its own community wallet, which will contain funds to be allocated.

5th Dimension Itinerary

An interconnected Realm connected by the central Lair with different Stargate leads to new unknown worlds. However, if you are unsure which world to see first, then follow the 5th dimension itinerary from below, which features a sequence and a glimpse to prepare you for the course of your new adventure.

Burrow World

Bunnies are the cutest creature, but not in this world. Discover the warrior bunnies who live in High-Tech Burrows and learn about the history of the 5th Dimension and secrets about our world that have been buried long before.

Underwater Planet

Love water but afraid to swim? Don’t worry, and experience the extraordinary scenic world of water, chat with locals, experience separation, get caught, get saved, and make new allies all through your very own Avatar of the 5th dimension.

Cyberpunk Planet

If you want to party or like to feel Adrenaline Rush, then Cyberpunk is the place to be. Experience the future in this universe, as Cyberpunk and its native seem like a mixture of our world with modern integrated technology who are always on the lookout to have fun and party.

Toxic Planet

The creatures of this planet have lost it all; somebody has waged war and taken their essential resources the planet is dying, and you need to find out. Why? In this world, meet the alien who looks like they have come out of a fictional Hollywood movie.

Musical planet

Dance, live, and breathe on different Musical tones. In this world, Resonate your feelings and express yourself through melodious musical notes and tunes. Whether you like pop, country, or hip-hop beats, this planet got it all. This world is a paradise for individuals who enjoy immersing themselves in music.

Frequently Asked Question

5th Dimension team has complied some questions for your convenience if you can’t find your answer here, then kindly send us your query through Web chat or email us at (email address)

In the starting, we will launch 8888 NFTs. However, More NFTs will be launched soon in the future, depending on the project’s success.

5th Dimension employs a token known as 5D, which you can be store in your wallet and use to purchase NFTs.

The Minting Price for 5th Dimension NFT is 000 5D-000$

Currently, you can buy 5th Dimension NFT at its own website i.e. (Insert page link. However, very soon, these NFTs will be available on other platforms as well.

Yes, you have to pay a designated gas fee as a blockchain transaction charge which will be paid to network validators in exchange for their blockchain services.

Yes! 5th Dimension has obtained the series from official publishers and pays royalties to them based on the number of chapters viewed.